You may find the answer to your question here. If not, please contact me.

How do I create an account?
You can register an account here – My account to use the wishlist and make purchases. You’ll be asked to do this if you haven’t already when you come to checkout, and it will ask for all your details then for shipping etc.

Why haven’t you got back to me yet?!
Don’t worry I do have your order, and your items are secured for you as the site handles stock levels. You should receive an automatic email confirmation of your order after placing it (if you haven’t let me know).
The next step is for me to gather your items and as I have almost 300 of them, it can take some time to find everything!
This isn’t Amazon and I am just one person! I work full time in a busy job and often have other commitments in the evening or am away, so sometimes I need a little longer to get back to you.
If you are in a hurry to get your items please include a note in the order, or contact me to request a fast response and I will see what I can do!

Where will you ship to?
I will ship to anywhere in the world! See more about shipping here.

Are your products new?
If a pony or item is listed as MIB (Mint In Box) or is shown on card or in its box then it is likely brand new and unopened, and likely from my own collection which is from a smoke-free collector’s home and have been stored away. If I have opened the item at any point I will point this out. Loose ponies and items are probably not “new” but condition will be listed in the description. See more about condition here.

What is a “Retro item”
A Retro item is one that was made recently (say in the last few years) but features the G1 or G2 original vintage ponies. There is a lot of merchandise out there now that features images of the original G1 ponies which is great to see but is not an original vintage item from the 80s!

Why can’t I pay online?
Because the cost of shipping varies so much depending on the weight, size and amount of items you order plus where you are located, I have set up this site so you can browse and shop as normal, check out your order of items, and then when I receive that order, I can locate everything, box it up securely and give you an ACTUAL quote for shipping, plus multiple shipping options if there are some. That way I am not “guessing” and overcharging you for postage.

Do you take credit cards?
Not directly no, but when you receive your invoice it will contain instructions of how to pay me using Paypal – through which you can use your credit card to pay.