About Me

I am Helen, or Rainbow Magic UK. I have been collecting for almost 30 years, and have a huge G1 pony, playset and merchandise collection. I also bought a few G2 ponies and many of the earlier G3 ponies.

I have been a member of the MLPTP and the Arena for many years too and have sold, bought and traded all over the world, and have made many lovely friends along the way.

I set up the very first UK meetup in Leicester, before the UK convention took off. It was a small but lovely affair, in a church hall 🙂

A lot of my collection spent time stored away, but when I finally set up my long-awaited pony room recently in my new house, there just wasn’t room for everything, so I have made the decision to find new homes for the majority of my G3+ items, and clear out doubles from the rest.

Quite a few found new homes in the 2020 UK PonycOnlines, and this site will continue sales for the rest!

My amazing Baby Sea Pony version, custom made by TwinkleEyes Sculptures